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$420-$780 USD
$3200- $5400 USD
$368 USD
$280 USD
STARTING FROM $ 190 - $380
What is this?
This is a PROVISIONAL PATENT APPLICATION, and gives one year of patent pending protection. During that time, you can market, sell, and distribute your invention.

Why would I want it?
So you can show it at trade shows, and offer to sell or license it to corporations. Or, to attract investors. And, to continue that protection beyond one year, it confers the right to file a Utility patent application at any time during that one year period.

Do I need to file the Utility application later?
No! The filing of the Utility patent application is optional. It should be filed if the invention looks profitable or successful in attracting investors or awards. If not filed, the provisional patent application expires at the end of one year, and cannot be re-filed without substantial changes.

This price mentioned above is for a ready-to-file application, which needs few changes. To help you with this, we will review what you have for free.

If the application materials are sufficient, we can prepare the necessary papers, and file it immediately. Even the same day if needed!

What is the government filing fee?
The US Patent Office does charge a government filing fee, which can be viewed at their website (www.uspto.gov), and which is currently $110. We do not add any other charges for copying or mailing, etc.

I want to proceed! What do I do?
To proceed, you would need only to: (a) send the disclosure for a free confidential review, (b) include your check for $129 for our service fee, and (c) attach a check for the government filing fee of $110 made payable to “Commissioner for Patents.” We take it from there! Estimates are free, and there is no obligation.

And, you get can free advice on the likelihood of success, an idea of typical manufacturing costs, and how to make, market and sell your invention. This can be done in a short phone call, up to one half hour.

If you need or would like more extensive business/invention coaching, we can offer that too, at an additional charge. See our business center section for details!

How do I know if the materials are not sufficient for the provisional? And, can I fix that?

If the materials you send are not suitable or are not sufficient for a provisional application, we will tell you that too, at no charge. For example, photographs can be hard to use, or drawings may not be clear enough. If changes would help, we can send you a checklist of what should be done, and a sample for you to follow. If you make the changes yourself, great! But, if you need help with any of the changes, we can help with those at a relatively small additional charge which we will tell you in advance. If changes are recommended but you do not to wish to make any changes, will can proceed to file what we have, based on your express instructions to do so. All at the above mentioned low price!