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Background of the Firm

Our focus is helping individual inventors, small businesses, and startup companies with patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and related litigation. We have answers to your questions about obtaining, licensing, and selling patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights. We have experience in obtaining foreign patents, and foreign trademarks. We believe in quality work.

As a registered US Patent Attorney, Michael Foycik has over 29 years of experience as a patent attorney. Prior to that, he worked first as a field engineer traveling to major construction projects across the US, and then as a patent examiner at the US Patent Office. He is passionate about helping companies and individuals get started. He can also advise on litigation questions.

As an attorney who has devoted his life to courtroom litigation, Thomas A. Mauro, Esq., is able to help with litigation questions, strategies for avoiding litigation, and settling litigation. He has experience in international litigition, including patent and trademark litigation. He has filed appeals with major federal appellate courts, including recently with the highest patent appellate court, the CAFC. He also supervises staff members, including junior attorneys, who assist with the litigation process.

For international applications, including EU and PCT applications, Michael Foycik has worked with experienced foreign patent and trademark counsel for the foreign national stage filings, and can advise on costs and how the process works. For those interested in doing business in China, we have a specialist to help who is native in Chinese and in English. A number of our clients have had successful experiences with China.


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