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Trial & LiTIGATIOn
 If you are involved in a lawsuit or any kind of litigation, or may be in the near future, please read the following. 

If you have been sued, you are a defendant, and will have to respond to a Complaint. This normally involves filing an Answer, but if circumstances permit then a Motion to Dismiss can be filed. 

Your understand that your goal is to end the litigation as soon as possible. This can be done in several ways. The Motion to Dismiss, mentioned above, is sometimes effective when the Complaint cannot support that action, or when the parties should not be before a particular court. 

It is also often possible to file a Motion for Summary Judgment. This is normally done when some facts or admissions can be introduced which overcome the Complaint. 

If the Complaint is not dismissed, then the Discovery stage takes place. The Plaintiff and Defendant make requests of each other for documents and other evidence, and for testimony of witnesses. This process extends for a period of months, according to a timetable set by the Court. 

Motions of various kinds can be made during this process, including Motions to Compel and also Motions for Protective Order. We believe such motions, when done properly, can advance the needs of a party and can protect a party when necessary. It is also possible to obtain secrecy orders to protect confidential information. We have extensive experience with all these types of matters.

International Patent Service provides patent and trademark services to companies, individuals, and law firms. Our attorneys have many years of experience, and have technical specialties in all major technical areas including electronics, chemical, biochemistry, power generation, controls and systems, and mechanical processes. 

Our attorneys have had experience in significant cases, including landmark cases in Antitrust law and Labor law, and including Patent cases, Copyright cases, Trademark cases, and Trade Secret cases. We are happy to discuss any litigation matter, and the initial consultation is free. 

We believe in quality service, and because of our extensive experience we can provide that level of service at affordable prices. Our philosophy is to provide cost effective service. 

Our attorneys are friendly and approachable, and we like talking with our clients. We are patient and caring, and we want our clients to succeed. Call us for more information!