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These are a few of the patents in which Mr. Foycik is an attorney of record. The patents cover a broad range of technologies: electronic, electrical, chemical, mechanical, sports, software, medical, and dental.

In the following, an example of a complex patent is 6,941,900, directed to the VAL rotary engine. An example of a chemical patent related to semiconductors is 7,630,590.

1 7,630,590 Optical sensor for measuring thin film disposition in real time
2 6,941,900 VAL rotary engine
3 6,727,427 Electrical wiring channel
4 6,643,849 No-slip, no-spill, no-hands urinal
5 6,581,796 Trash receptacle
6 6,460,199 No-slip, no-spill, no-hands urinal
7 6,077,416 Method for purification of waste water using an electric coagulator
8 6,033,552 Method for purification of natrium sulphate
9 6,029,295 Annular pillow with metal mesh material cover
10 4,804,129 In-line solder extractor and heater assembly for use therewith
11 4,751,357 Microwave oven with moving equipment, and an accessory for the oven
12 4,749,152 Aircraft undercarriage of tilting-beam type and of reduced bulk
13 4,748,592 Recording and reproducing method by a change in composition on a solid surface
14 4,747,636 Arrangement for forming vehicle bodies
15 4,746,962 Photoelectric conversion device and method of making the same
16 4,746,816 Spike detector circuitry
17 4,745,695 Information carrier holding rail
18 4,745,283 Stimulable phosphor sheet transfer apparatus which includes first and second suction boxes separately connected to a section blower and a pair of buffer tanks
19 4,744,862 Manufacturing methods for nonlinear semiconductor element and liquid crystal display panel using the same
20 4,744,500 Vehicle assembly system
21 4,744,404 Foundry sand blowing apparatus
22 4,744,295 Setting mechanism for endless band printing device
23 4,743,500 Magnetic recording medium
24 4,743,487 Magnetic recording medium
25 4,743,425 Method of producing ferrous sintered alloys with superior abrasion resistance
26 4,742,947 Optical system for use as stand alone unit or with a device for attaching modular electronic components to or removing them from a substrate
27 D295,535 Casing for a hand held labeller
28 D295,534 Hand held labeller
29 4,742,411 Magnetic head feed mechanism including a dust preventing means
30 4,741,800 Etching method for the manufacture of a semiconductor integrated circuit
31 4,741,302 Internal combustion engine
32 4,740,896 X-ray CT system with means to expand detector signals by interpolation before filter processing is performed
33 4,740,806 Range finding device
34 4,740,418 Magnetic recording medium
35 4,740,133 Composite working device using a robot and method of accomplishing composite work using a robot
36 4,739,855 Vehicle steering system having a steering ratio changing mechanism
37 4,738,475 Hose clamp
38 4,738,469 Structural arrangements for supporting steering devices
39 4,738,022 Vehicle assembling-and-feeding system
40 4,737,223 Label dispenser compression roller
41 4,736,813 Cruise control system for vehicle
42 4,735,821 Method for depositing material on depressions
43 4,735,698 Method of making magneto-optical recording medium
44 4,735,177 Intake system for internal combustion engine
45 4,734,979 Weighty object mounting systems
46 4,734,783 Shading elimination device for image read-out apparatus
47 4,734,581 Autoradiographic process
48 4,734,195 Filter cartridge having a honeycombed outer surface, and method of manufacture
49 4,733,878 Four-wheel steering system for vehicle
50 4,733,307 Light beam recording apparatus, light beam read-out apparatus and light beam scanning apparatus